Staff Training Process Outsourcing

Hugonet deploys cloud-based Learning Management Systems and produces attractive training content so that you can focus on your business and customers.

Onboard Training

Welcoming new hires into your org and getting them to work faster is easier with the right software for onboarding training.

Employee Training

Organizations that invest in nurturing talent enjoy more stability, higher engagement, and significant growth down the line.

Customer Training

Training your customers (and potential customers) boosts customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

Come for the training, stay for the experience

An intuitive interface means training feels right from the very first click. And with easy access on any device, learners jump in anytime, anywhere. Feel good introducing a tool that people actually use.


Create courses easily

Drag and drop to add all types of media to your course – like videos, presentations, and docs. Build courses from scratch, or reuse content you’ve already created. Upload SCORM, xAPI, or cmi5 files for even more interactivity.

Host live sessions

Set up online or in-person training sessions easily. Invite learners to self-register and send automatic reminders for upcoming training.

Add tests and quizzes

Build your own quizzes, tests, assignments, and surveys to evaluate your learners and your learning material. Create custom certificates to acknowledge the training your teams have done.

Keep learners on track

Set up detailed learning paths and completion rules to guide learner growth. Group related courses into categories so learners can easily find what they’re looking for.


Manage without the mess

Get learners set up and running fast. Import users in bulk, invite them to self-register, and sync accounts from other systems. Sort users into groups to instantly auto-assign courses to them.


Create custom roles and permissions

Easily fine-tune roles and permissions for different users so everyone has a role built just for them.


Reach everyone with one account

Create unlimited sub-accounts to match your organization’s structure and manage them all from one place. Customize each sub-account so they’re tailor-made for different teams, departments, and audiences.


Automate Tasks

Put pesky admin tasks on autopilot. Send automatic emails, auto-assign and remove courses, set expiration dates, arrange course sequencing, deactivate inactive users, and more.


Analyze with in-depth reports

Track training from every angle with real-time, scheduled, and custom reports, dynamic dashboards, training infographics, and exportable Excel sheets.



Accelerate time-to-competency during training

Cut cost to updating and maintaining information

Enhance knowledge retention through real time employee training

Combat forgetting curve with on-demand review

Simplify complex systems with task-specific training

Gain software-use and error insights

Encourage employee self-service



Manufacturing is increasingly knowledge-driven as manufacturing employees need to be able to respond and adapt to the introduction of new infrastructure, materials and technologies.


In a profession where what is considered “best practice” can change drastically in the span of a few years, a medical professional has to constantly refresh their knowledge and update their skills.


Turn erratic training into consistent learning programs. Build a single training hub, onboard your teams faster, deliver up-to-date product, sales, and customer support training, and do it all from one source of truth.


For the learning industry eLearning is an extension of its core.  Increase your market reach to provide quality, lower-cost education.  It’s cheap to deploy and easy to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners.

Non-Profit Organizations

Experience online nonprofit training for people of all technical levels — board members, staff, volunteers, and donors. Expand your organization’s impact without expanding your budget.


Sales teams are equipped with the tools to increase the number of wins they achieve relative to the number of leads that come in.  Arm your sales team with the tools, skills, and product knowledge to persuade customers,

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