Hugonet builds technical teams to help you meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services from Google.



With more than 20 years technology process outsourcing experience, Hugonet applies intelligence, analytics, innovation, and deep industry experience to accelerate time-to-hire, drive business growth, improve new joiner performance, and increase retention.

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Google Cloud immersion and Training

Two hour immersions and certification training that help customers best leverage the Google Cloud platform to unlock potential and meet key objectives for customers.

Google Cloud Consulting

With comprehensive strategy, best practice frameworks, rigorous project management, and deep technical experience, our consultants help accelerate your Google Cloud adoption success.

Management and Governance

We help customers enable, provision, and operate their environment for business agility, security, and governance control at massive scale and cost efficiency.

Google Cloud Staffing

Hugonet has the right mix of professional connections, market experience, and consulting in place to make it easier for us to partner with our customers to recruit the best cleared cloud professionals.

Google Cloud Staffing and Professional Services

Hugonet helps you achieve specific outcomes related to enterprise cloud adoption.  We leverage the Google Cloud best practices, frameworks, tools reflecting our experience supporting hundreds of customers. Hugonet’s Google Cloud Professional Services complete projects faster and more reliably, while accounting for evolving expectations and dynamic team structures along the way.


We work with you to imagine what’s possible, plan your solution, oversee complex Salesforce deployments, improve end-user adoption, and smoothly manage change.


Using a human-centered approach, our Experience Design team of researchers, designers, developers, and architects creates meaningful customer experiences that drive real business impact.


Extend your dev and admin team to get up and running in weeks.  Bring value to your business faster than ever with the help of configuration our experts.


When the stakes are high and you can’t afford any downtime, we assist with monitoring, alerting, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting issues.

Legacy Modernization

Refresh your legacy app portfolio with microservices architecture and rapid application development

Data as a Service

Make enterprise data an asset with data API and microservices strategy

Cloud Data Strategy

Realize your most important strategic initiatives tailored to your organization and applications

Business Agility

Accelerate innovation with our best practices and architectural vision

Infrastructure modernization

  • VM migration – Migrate applications running on VMs to quickly get started in Google Cloud
  • SAP on Google Cloud – Run your critical business applications on our secure-by-design global infrastructure
  • VMware as a service – Migrate and run your VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud
  • High performance computing – Solve the most complex computing challenges with cost-effective, scalable infrastructure
  • Bare Metal Solution – Providing hardware to run specialized workloads with low latency on Google Cloud
  • Windows on Google Cloud – Run Windows® workloads on a secure-by-design and cost-effective cloud environment
  • Data center migration – Choose your path to the cloud—lift and shift, application change, or hybrid


  • Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services.
  • Database migration – Easy and cost-effective homogeneous migrations to managed services.
  • Database modernization – Heterogeneous migrations to move off the old-guard vendors to enterprise-class, OSS-compatible databases.
  • Migrate Oracle workloads to Google Cloud – Reduce overhead, lower costs, and drive innovation with a variety of options for your Oracle workloads.
  • SQL Server on Google Cloud – Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server.
  • Open source databases – Build on fully managed open source databases designed for mission critical applications.

Application modernization

  • Modernize legacy applications and build new services that leverage Kubernetes, containers, and other cloud-native capabilities.
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud application platform
  • Cloud-native application development
  • Application development and delivery with serverless
  • DevOps – speed quality software features, improve developer productivity  with out sacrificing security

Smart analytics

  • Move from complex analytics to actionable insights with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform
  • Data Warehouse Modernization – Solve for today’s most challenging demands and seamlessly scale your business with advanced and multi-cloud capabilities, built-in.
  • Data Lake Modernization – Empower your teams to securely, and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of diverse, full-fidelity data.
  • Stream Analytics – Ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real time to make data more useful, and accessible from the instant it’s generated.
  • Business Intelligence – Reveal the true power of your data and bring clarity to every situation with Looker and Google Cloud.
  • Marketing Analytics – Gain a clear and comprehensive picture of the customer journey, predict outcomes, and create more personalized experiences.
  • Data Integration – Provide your teams the appropriate levels of data access and management controls, backed by layers of security only found at Google.

AI & machine learning

  • Put AI and ML in the hands of those closest to your business and increase efficiency within customer care, recruiting, and beyond.
  • Streamline development with advanced AI tools
  • Innovate within your existing workflow
  • Empower teams to implement ML without added expertise
  • Turn Google Cloud’s AI research into your organization’s value with tools like Cloud AutoML, Cloud Natural Language, and Cloud Translation.
  • Google Cloud’s industry-specific AI solutions meet scalable vertical needs; cross-industry solutions like Contact Center AI and Document AI plug into existing workflows.
  • Build and use AI – Rapidly and cost-effectively bring AI into your business with flexible tools for every level of machine learning expertise.
  • Document AI – Know what your documents know. Machine learning on a scalable cloud-based platform helps your organization efficiently analyze documents.
  • Contact Center AI – Add AI to your existing contact center technology. Increase operational efficiency and personalized customer care from the first “Hello.”



  • Detect, investigate, and respond to online threats with proven security solutions to help protect your business.
  • Apply the best of Google to your security in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid deployments.
  • Detect, investigate, and help stop cyber threats that target your business and users before attacks result in damage or loss.
  • Protect your applications – Make our security solutions part of your business continuity plan. Use WAAP to protect against fraud and Chronicle to detect and investigate threats.
  • Build on Google’s secure-by-default infrastructure – Protect your users, data, and applications using the same secure-by-design infrastructure that Google relies on.
  • Rely on Google Cloud’s global network – Google’s private, software-defined network provides fast and reliable connections to users around the world.
  • Security analytics and operations – Using Chronicle, store and continuously analyze petabytes of security telemetry at a fixed price with zero management headache.
  • Web App and API Protection (WAAP) – Protect your applications and APIs against threats and fraud, help ensure availability and compliance.

Google Cloud Training

Receive hands-on, group learning from Google Cloud Certified instructors. Whether delivered virtually or in person, these highly interactive courses are a great way to accelerate your Google Cloud skills through discussion and access hands-on environments.

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