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Washington DC-based HUGONET has delivered premium staffing and technology outsourcing solutions for 20 years.

Our services

Hugonet recruits high performing technical and leadership staff who share your values at a low cost

HUGONET amplifies your organization's unique potential through professional services and training.

We bring in sales leads for you and support your customer community using our cloud automation platform.

Why Hugonet cleared recruiting?

Our cleared recruiting competencies

Our cloud solutions

Roles we recruit

Why Hugonet cleared recruiting

We are confident sellers of your brand

We nerd out to learn your job

We are enthusiastic sellers of  your opportunity

We put you in the best light

75% of job seekers research a company’s reputation.

Trust the best with your brand

Corporate branding results in three-fold likelihood of a quality hire 

Oozing with enthusiasm

Our genuine passion for your opportunity and care for the candidate shines through

Value driven. Value added.

Industry-low fees

Discounting options like sliding scale fees, volume fixed price, and retainers

Our candidates trust us

Our candidates’ trust in us helps us negotiate reasonable salaries

We nerd out on your benefits

60% of candidates report that benefits and perks are a major factor when considering job offers

Negotiations back by stats

We understand the job, geography, clearance, salaries, markets, supply, and demand

Provide each candidate with a best-in-class experience

Candidate communications

63% of job seekers will likely reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience

Continuous communications

81% of candidates reported that timely updates would greatly improve their recruiting experience

No post and pray

We do not just advertise your job and hope for nibbles. We proactively contact rock stars.

Repeat candidate customers

80% of candidates are more likely to apply again if they already had a positive candidate experience

Partnership with HR and hiring managers

Timely updates

We keep HR and hiring managers informed of the recruiting pipeline, plan, and status

We develop a genuine expertise

We nerd out on your job’s technical requirements and nuances

Insight candidate assessment

We provide strategic, qualitative, and quantitative candidate assessment beyond the resume

Sense of urgency

By 2030, there will be a global human talent shortage of over 85 million people.  That’s $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues

Automated recruiting platform

Speed - selection - quality

Our recruiting automation platform means recruiting quality candidates faster

20 years experience feedback loop

Our 20 yrs experience helps boots our search accuracy and refinement

Robotic process automation

Advanced CRM tools and social media integration allow us to automate outreach

Nurtured candidate relationships

We continually nurture our tens of thousands of loyal social media connections

We lead technical and cleared communities

Long reach to millions

Our access to multiple recruiting databases and our social media connections gives you access to millions of candidates nationwide

Community leadership

We host weekly live cloud user immersions on Meetup, LinkedIn, and Facebook to help hundreds of professionals

Professional communities

We nerd out on technical social media groups to foster professional relationships and give to the community

Technical leadership

Because we lead cloud and automation communities, we are better positioned to qualify candidates

Our Past Performances

U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program

Developed document imaging and retrieval system used to track seized assets from the commission of federal crimes.

FAA Cabin Occupation Safety and Health System

Developed Congressionally-mandated system for submission and reporting of airline employee health and injury incidents.

USDA Office of General Counsel

Developed USDA OGC’s cloud-based intranet sites on for nation-wide collaboration.

CDC CHEMPACK Collaborative Planning Website

Developed interagency site to prepare and identify mitigating actions for chemical biological attacks.

DC Department of Corrections Information Technology

Automated jail performance measurement, sentence calculations, firearms inventory, jail inspections, internal affairs, inmate education, escape monitoring, and release planning.

RSA Access Manager and Adaptive Authentication

Deployed RSA’s Access Management and Adaptive Authentication solutions for US Department of Justice, FundSERV, and DTCC.

City and County of San Francisco SharePoint Portal

Developed department intranets to handle help desk, metrics dashboards, document libraries, calendaring, InfoPath-based hospital patient tracking, surveys, and knowledge bases.

U.S. EPA Central Data Exchange (CDX)

Developed as the single point of entry for most environmental compliance reporting.

Morgan Stanley Exchange and SharePoint Build Out

Architected and built out Morgan Stanley’s Exchange and SharePoint server and storage infrastructure.

NeighborWorks America Cloud Extranet

Developed portal for NeighborWorks to collaborate with and exchange training materials with nation-wide trainers.

HUD Office of General Counsel Case Tracking System

Developed case tracking system that unifies all case docket information and all associated case documents.

Transcom Korea Customs Process Automation

Developed Customs Process Automation (CPA) web-based system that serves electronic US DoD Government Bill of Ladings (eGBL).

GSA PBS Design and Construction Budget Estimating Tool

Developed for GSA’s portfolio managers to estimate building construction and renovation project budgets.

MTMC Command Operations Center

Developed MTMC Command Operations Center to automate world-wide single port management, transportation, and traffic management for the Department of Defense.

U.S. Army Installation Sustainability Website

Developed US Army website to protect, sustain, and improve the natural and man-made environment on missions.

IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Application Website

Provides US taxpayers a unique opportunity to influence tax policy by  soliciting suggestions and improving customer service.

Department of Defense Online Supply Chain Seminars

Online training to help DoD fully integrate its supply chain based on assured accountability and timely accurate satisfaction of customer needs.

Joint Financial Management Improvement Program JFMIP Website

Joint undertaking of US Treasury, GAO, OMB, and OPM to promote strategies and guide financial management improvement across government.

Finding Talent–The Recipe for Success

The talent you acquire and retain is a key ingredient to success. Modern businesses find the right talent and give people the right tools for the job.